We are incredibly lucky because we have managed to bid for and get, the author, Rob Lewis, who has written around 40 books, to come into school tomorrow, Friday, November 10th, to talk to us about being an author as well as to do a demonstration writing workshop with us.

One of his most famous books is Tidy Up Trevor, which was on the KS1 SATs reading list for 5 years and he has also received literature awards for Cold Jac and for Three Little Sheep. Imagine being able to make a good living from writing stories – how amazing would that be?

We are hoping that by listening to and working with Rob on Friday afternoon that the children might be inspired to think about their own writing and recognise that this is something they could do for a job themselves in the future if they wished too. Others might just thoroughly enjoy finding out about how a real author writes and having a little bit of fun with words alongside someone who uses them incredibly well.

This is part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival and we are very happy to be fostering a love of books and of writing in this creative and enjoyable way. If you would like to know more about Rob before he comes to school, you might take a look at his website www.rob-lewis.co.uk or his facebook page www.facebook.com/roblewis .

The books that Rob writes are for younger children but don’t worry, his session will be exactly aimed at the key stage 2 children chosen to attend the workshops. If you would like to buy one of his books while he is here and have it autographed then they will be available for you to buy then. Christmas is coming and it could make a lovely present for a sibling if you don’t want one for yourself!  Alternatively, if you already have one of Rob’s books at home, you are welcome to bring it along and have it autographed too.

We really hope that you are pleased to have been chosen to be part of this special workshop and that it will be a wonderful afternoon for you all.

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