Child Illness and Infection Exclusion Period Table

Please click on the link below to view the exclusion period table for pupil illness and infections it is important to follow these guidelines to help prevent the risk of spreading illness and infection in school.

If your child is unavoidably ill please remember to telephone school to report the absence before 9.30am. You can telephone the school on 01207 549359. It is important that we know your child is absent so we can ensure their safety on site at school as well as supporting you, should you have any problems. If you do not report the absence then we have to record it as unauthorised absence with no reason given. Should this continue, we may have to report it to our Education Welfare Officer at Gateshead Council.

If your child has head lice they must be treated before returning back to school. You can treat head lice at home by purchasing over the counter products. Below you will find a leaflet with information on head lice and how to treat it. Please click on the link to view this.

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