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The following links below will give you some useful information on how to keep your child safe online. There are guides to help you put parental controls on devices which you may have in your household. Please feel free to click on the links below to view some E-Safety information.

Please click on the link below to view our information document about Online Safety:

GDPR – What we use your consent for:


Maths Links

eSchools Help/FAQs

I don’t have my log on details?
Please contact the school office who can provide you your unique username and password so you can access eSchools.

I can’t find the school on the app?
Our eSchools name is ‘rowlandsgill’ – please enter this without spaces and all lowercase.

I can’t see my calendar?
Please log in with the unique username the school has given you to ensure you are correctly linked to the school, logging in with an e-mail may not show you all you need to see!

For any other queries or help using eSchools please visit the link below or contact!

SIMS Pay Help/FAQs

I don’t have my log on details?
Please contact the school office and we can e-mail or post you a step by step guide to setting up your SIMS Pay Account

I can see different clubs/trips/events to what my friend can see.
Each club/event/trip is specific to a year group or class, if your friend’s child is in a different class, year group or key stage they have access to different clubs and trips etc.

I need a unique reference code from school?
Please contact the school office and we can let you know your unique code.

I can only see one of my children on my SIMS Pay account?
Please contact the school office so we are aware and we can update our database from which SIMS Pay is linked to. This will normally take overnight and then you should be able to see both children on the account.

Any other issues please ring the school office on 01207 549 359 and we can assist you!

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