Thank you so much to all of you who came to Friday’s summer fair, so well put together and run by our wonderful Friends of Rowlands Gill. It was a joyous occasion all round and a truly lovely community event.
We were lucky with the sunshine to top it all off, but everything else was down to hard work rather than luck. Our gratitude is given to everyone who helped in any way at all whether that was by donating, manning stalls, providing prizes, organising, helping to prepare or tidy up, performing or just by being there and having fun.
It is lovely to be part of something so nice and so inclusive of the whole community of and around Rowlands Gill. We are slightly worried however that Mrs Readshaw may now be looking to join the police after seeing how much she loved wearing the uniform and we are going to have to search the classrooms to ensure we haven’t kept one of those beautiful owls ‘by accident’!
We know a number of you weren’t overly happy to have to wait for your children at the beginning, but we appreciate those of you waited so calmly and patiently and helped us to get so many children dismissed to you safely. It may have taken a little longer than we had anticipated, but we hope it didn’t spoil anyone’s afternoon. The displays by FitPop, Mr Churchward’s Tae Kwan Do group and the performers from the Elaine Milbourne Performing Arts School were outstanding and hopefully made your wait a little better.
Around the other side of the building were the amazing Trilogy, past pupils who I am sure have a fantastic musical future ahead of them. WOW .. we have some real talent in our community don’t we?  Everyone sitting on the grass listening to them seemed so relaxed and happy. With strawberries and cream and Beckleberry’s ice cream alongside, how could you not be?
Fortunately, the police and the Fire Service weren’t needed for anything other than to tell us all about their work and let us look at the vehicles that they had brought along  once more, we can’t thank them enough for taking time out of their days to come and support our school and the fair.
I know that there are very many more people to thank and I could name many people individually for exceptional efforts to make this happen, but that is not possible. So, I am just going to single out Rachel Colver, who took over the chair of the PTA this year, has galvanised and rejuvenated and who I know has worked long into many nights to ensure that this could go ahead. She and her team truly are amazing people. We hope that more of you will be inspired to join them in the coming year.
I know there will be a financial benefit to the fair that will ultimately feed back into the children, but that really isn’t what the fair was about . It was a special time for us all to be together and celebrate being part of a great community, rich with warmth for each other and full of great things.
Congratulations to you all on another hugely successful event that YOU made happen. Your support, as ever, is invaluable and very much appreciated.
Beverley McCallion

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