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About our After School Clubs 

Our after school clubs from January 2018 are now ran by school. The clubs are able to be paid for through SIMS Agora under ‘School Clubs’ and they will be refreshed each term. Please bare in mind there is a maximum number of places for each club and when the limit is reached the club will close on SIMS Agora. This is on a first come, first serve basis so please make sure your child is booked onto the club as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We do not hold waiting lists for the clubs but will send letters out each half term advising of any new clubs and when you can book for the next sessions.

If you have any suggestions or ideas about new clubs which you would like to have in school then please drop us an email on: rowlandsgillprimary@gateshead.gov.uk

Further Information:

Cancellations: We require the coaches to give us 24 hr notice but sometimes this may not be possible. Rarely do we cancel club sessions and wherever possible we will replace the session with another activity in the school. When this is not possible we will inform you in advance so that you can make alternative arrangements for the care of your children. Unfortunately parents who do not promptly pay for their child’s attendance at a club will be asked to withdraw their child from the club.

Important: Children in KS1 (Reception to year 2) will be collected from school by a teaching assistant and taken to their after school club; parents are asked to pick up children promptly at the end of the session from school reception.

It is very important that we have up-to-date contact information for each child attending the After School Clubs.

For our records we need:

  • Contact details of 2 parent/carers. 
  • Telephone Numbers 
  • Email Addresses 
SIMS Agora

SIMS Agora Payment System

Book for your child’s place for an After School Club online! 

Please click the logo above to register (using an outlook or hotmail account ONLY) or visit https://www.simsagora.co.uk/Home and book your child’s place for after school clubs on a half termly basis.

If you have any problems logging on or need your child’s unique reference number to sign up to SIMS Agora please contact the school office on 01207 549 359 or email rowlandsgillprimary@gateshead.gov.uk 


After School Club Contact

If you have any queries or questions you would like to ask about the after school clubs please contact school on 01207 549 359 or send us an email to rowlandsgillprimary@gateshead.gov.uk

Letters and Useful Documents 

Afterschool Club Letter for 2018

Our Clubs



 Fitpop is a music and dance based club. The maximum number of children who can attend Fitpop is 20 in each key stage. Please see below the days and times. 
  • Key Stage 1 – Monday 3.15pm – 4pm 
  • Key Stage 2 – Tuesday 3.20pm – 4.20pm 


At multisports they have a lot of different activities to offer such as rounders, touch rugby, tennis, basketball, cricket and more! Multisports is a combination of all the sports and a fantastic way to entice young people into sport. The variety keeps it exciting and opens new possibilities for future hobbies. The maximum intake for this club is 20 for both key stages.

  • For both Key Stage 1 & 2 – Thursday 3.30pm – 4.30pm 



  • For Key Stage 2 – Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.30pm 


Drama is aimed at stimulating and encouraging your child to bring to the forefront the best of their creative abilities. They are given the opportunity to broaden their imagination and creative skills through the use of role play, drama games and acting techniques. Drama club has a maximum of 20 children who can attend across both key stages.

  • Both Key Stages 1 & 2 – Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm.


Children will have the opportunity to use a range of art materials and to develop skills in drawing, painting, printing and 3D. They will learn about the work of great Artists and Art Movements and do fun tasks linking this with their own art. They will also have the chance to produce theme based art throughout the year (Christmas, Halloween & Valentines etc.) exploring pattern, texture and basic colour theory.

Art club is taught by a qualified Art Teacher/artist.

  • For both Key Stage 1 & 2 – Tuesday 3.20pm – 4.20pm (maximum of 20 children) 


Lego Club

Lego Club empowers children to explore Design techniques, Engineering principles and Physics – learning how things work. Children make-it and watch principles work in front of their eyes in real time. Each session new models will be built to demonstrate different concepts. Buildings, people, robots, cities, furniture and houses are just a few examples of what will be built. Advanced groups build and examine working Cranes, Windmills, Powered Cars.

  • For both Key Stage 1 & 2 – Tuesday 3.30pm-4.30pm (maximum of 20 children) 



  • Key Stage 1 – Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm (maximum 12) 
  • Key Stage 2 Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.30pm (maximum 12) 

The club is offered to both girls and boys. The children are to wear a suitable sports kit and trainers.


Irish Dancing

Irish dancing is a fun experience for the children and gives them the opportunity to try and learn a different type of dance.

  • Key Stage 1 & 2 – Thursday 3.30pm – 4.30pm (maximum 15) 
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