Our Summer Camp 2016

I never wanted it to end...

It's been great, when can you take the younger ones as well?

The kids have had a fantastic time...

We had a great time together...

I enjoyed making new friends

My son doesn't usually stick things out - and he has wanted to come here every day!

About our After School Clubs 

Although this programme is a big commitment for a voluntary organisation, it is an invaluable resource for the children at Rowlands Gill Primary School and requires the management of the After School Clubs Contact (Courtney Fenwick), the support of the school and the parents of children who attend the clubs.

If you have any suggestions for new clubs please drop us an email at pta.rowlandsgill@gmail.com.

Further Information:

Cancellations: We require the coaches to give us 24 hr notice but sometimes this may not be possible. Rarely do we cancel club sessions and wherever possible we will replace the session with another activity in the school. When this is not possible we will inform you in advance so that you can make alternative arrangements for the care of your children. Unfortunately parents who do not promptly pay for their child’s attendance at a club will be asked to withdraw their child from the club.

Important: Children in KS1 (Reception to year 2) will be collected from school by a teaching assistant and taken to their after school club; parents are asked to pick up children promptly at the end of the session from school reception.

It is very important that we have up-to-date contact information for each child attending the After School Clubs.

For our records we need:

  • Contact details of 2 parent/carers. 
  • Telephone Numbers 
  • Email Addresses 

Libacura Parent Login

Book a club online!

Please click the logo above to register or visit www.libacura.co.uk/register/rowlands and book your child’s places for after school clubs on a termly/weekly basis.

Any problems email please email pta.rowlandsgill@gmail.com or contact Courtney on 07412596750

After School Club Contact

Courtney Fenwick – 07412596750


Our Activities



3 tasters 3.30pm – 5.30pm – Thursdays
Open to year 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 (Limited numbers)

In dance club movers will have a dance technique class which is full of exercises to teach alignment, correct posture and landing.

The class will include exercises, travel, jumps and learning motifs. Then we’ll have a break (so do pack lots of water and a snack) the second half of the class is all about performance! We’ll be choreographing a piece and the young dancers will need to help with theme ideas, choreography and team work!

Taster classes are led by qualified dance teachers with dance degrees.
Teachers may rotate throughout the year.
Contemporary dance is now in vogue – join in to keep up! Great for boys and girls, expect lifts, contact, balance, martial arts and fun! 


Years 3 – 6, Monday 3.30-4.30 in the main hall

Got a budding Matt Damon or Kate Winslet? Or a future public speaker or presenter?

Drama is a fun and exciting club full of games. Learn how to project your voice, feel confidant, make friends from different classes and have the opportunity to perform (when ready) and create role plays.

Drama is aimed at stimulating and encouraging your child to bring to the forefront the best of their creative abilities. They are given the opportunity to broaden their imagination and creative skills through the use of role play, drama games and acting techniques.

It’s a right laugh, and the kids enjoy it!

Led by Sarah Thomas PGCE BA (HONS) Dance Foundation Degree in Musical Theatre

Collection: Please collect your child from the KS1 playground at the hall entrance. If you are more than 10 minutes late your child will be sent to Funky Monkeys and looked after so they will be safe and cared for. You will be charged accordingly. Many thanks.


Thursdays 4.30pm-5.30pm

A fun hour exploring science!


Tuesday mornings 8am – 8.50am

A yoga class combining fun with exercise. Use your imagination as you become a mountain or an archer.. Participants learn to control their bodies and improve their balance. This class will encourage concentration and build body strength. A perfect way to start the day!

Wear: leggins or trackies and a t-shirt. Bare feet. No mat needed.

Class will be held in the main school hall.



Wednesday 3.30-4.30

PLEASE NOTE: Your child will be put straight onto a waiting list and NOT allocated a place – this is because I am trying to protect the spaces of the children who have attended the club for a few years. They need to keep their places. Had I not put you directly onto the waiting list it would have been a free for all, I’m doing this to ensure that the current attendees do not loose their spaces. If your child hasn’t done gymnastics before they will stay on the waiting list and be allotted the first available space. Call or text Imogen if this is not clear.

The children will follow the British Gymnastics Award scheme which has 8 levels of achievement. They will also be helped to develop strength, flexibility and co ordination skills. Children will have the opportunity to use the vault, trampette and balance beams under the tuition of highly qualified and experienced British Gymnastics coaches in both Sports Acrobatics and Artistic Gymnastics.

Wear: Sports wear, bare feet. Leotards, shorts and t-shirt, leggings etc.

Collection: Please collect your child from the Key stage 1 playground at the LRC entrance. If you are late your child will be sent to Funky Monkeys and looked after where they will be safe and cared for. You will be charged accordingly. Many thanks.


Come and try rounders, touch rugby, tennis, softball, basketball, cricket and more. It’s fun!

Multisports is a combination of all the sports and a fantastic way to entice young people into sport. The variety keeps it exciting and opens new possibilities for future hobbies.


Reception – Year 2 –  Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm
KS2 – Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Football club is run on an 8 week mesocycle which will focus upon one of the following disciplines:

Floor to Air Moves, Balances and Traps, Juggling, Passing, Shooting, Moves to Beat Players, Turns &Core work. Children are welcome to attend out of school sessions together with annual presentations. Sessions have a minimum 90% participation rate with the majority of the sessions being one player one ball.

A great club for both girls and boys.

Wear: Sports kit and trainers

Collect: Please collect your child from the MUGA (the top field) at the side gate. If you are more than 10 minutes late your child will be sent to Funky Monkeys and you will be charged accordingly. Many thanks.


Monday 3.30pm-4.30pm

All welcome…

Children will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of arts and crafts. Themes will run each term (eg Halloween, Christmas, Valentines) where cards and gifts can be made and taken home. Your child can get creative and experiment with a variety of materials eg foam, felt and even sewing. Activities are guided and children have the chance to make puppets, windmills, decorate pottery and all finished items can be taken home.

Taught by Joanne Etherington Qualified teacher and Parent volunteer

Collection: Please collect your child from the KS1 playground. If you are late your child will be sent to Funky Monkeys and looked after so they will be safe and cared for. You will be charged accordingly. Many thanks.


A fun active class designed to boost confidence. Attendees will play games, learn new dances, interact with each other, giggle and feel great! This class is for boys and girls and both currently attend.

Wear: Sports kit and trainers.

Collection: Please collect from KS1 playground, main hall. If you are more than 10 minutes late your child will be sent to Funky Monkeys and looked after so they will be safe and cared for. You will be charged accordingly. Many thanks.

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