7.30am Breakfast club opens (Charges set by Under 5’s, price available on application.)

8.30am Morning Nursery begins

8.57am School bell rings, children line up and enter school with their class teacher.

9.10am Registration ends, latecomers must report to Main Reception.

10.30am Morning break.

10.45am Lessons resume.

11.30pm Morning Nursery ends

12.00pm Start of  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 lunch break.

12.20pm Key Stage 2 lunch break.

12.30pm Afternoon Nursery begins

1.10pm Afternoon lessons begin.

2.10pm Afternoon break

2.20pm Lessons resume

3.10pm End of the day for Key Stage 1

3.20pm End of the day for Key Stage 2

3.30pm Afternoon Nursery ends


After School Activities

We have an after school club ran by Under 5’s which operates from 3.10 – 6.00pm (Charges set by Under 5’s and are available upon application).

We also have a selection of after school sports and interests clubs ran by the PTA.  A list of clubs, dates and times are available in our Parents section of the website under the sub heading ‘PTA After School Clubs.’  All clubs start at around 3.30pm and finish times vary from 4.00 – 5.30pm.

sports day

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