Myself, Miss Dixon and Miss Corr have been doing written observations of the children this week and will be continuing to do so next week to keep an eye on progression and their next steps for learning, as a result of this there are not as many 2simple parent shares to go out these 2 weeks. It also means I don’t have as many pics of the children in action.

We have been getting lots of practise changing in and out of our wet suits and we are slowly becoming more independent and faster at this job, it is tricky! They all love being outdoors at the adventure playground and were very excited when we got caught in a hail storm this week. You can see why we need these suits as they just love to roll and jump in the mud and the puddles.



We are missing a couple of girls cardigans, please can everyone make sure that all jumpers, coats and hats have the children’s name inside. Could you please have a quick check to see if your child has picked up someone else’s cardigan by accident. We encourage the children to put them onto their pegs but they have a tendency to leave them around the class 😀.

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