At Rowlands Gill the children enjoy reading and the teachers enjoy teaching reading!

We are also very lucky to have so much parental support with most children regularly reading at home.

We encourage the love of books from a very early age.

The children in the Under 5’s group use the school library to change their home story book on a weekly basis.

They’re very smart with their own special book holder!




Nursery children love their reading too. They learn about sounds all around them, sounds of the alphabet and have a very comfy ‘reading area’. Perhaps their favourite time is to listen to a story from the super collection of books that they have.


Reception children build on this work by introducing more letters and sounds and books that the children can read themselves. The reading scheme used is: Floppy’s Phonics (oxford)

These books help the children to build on the phonics work that they do in class each day.

By now, the children have a ‘home/school’ reading diary where parents and staff can share comments about reading at home and in school.

Further Information

Please click on the link below if you would like some tips on how to help your child with their reading.

Helping with reading


Key Stage 1

In Key stage one, the good work of Foundation Stage is continued. Reading is taught through: shared, guided and individual reading. There is also still a strong emphasis on phonics (Letters and Sounds).

The main reading scheme continues to be Oxford Reading Tree but children are not limited to these and as they progress will be reading a variety of books such as Corgi Pups/Young Corgi and a selection of books from the school library graded to the appropriate level.

The children in Key Stage One love their guided reading sessions! They read a selection of carefully graded fiction and non fiction texts in a group setting and then often have follow-up activities to work on independently.


These are our ‘core readers’, which the children can change as often as is needed depending on the ‘conversation’ in the home/school diary.

Parental Help

As in all key stages, we are very fortunate to have so much parental support.

The children are encouraged to read throughout the day. Another favourite is ‘fruit and book’ where the children eat their daily snack and share any reading material that they want to e.g. books, comics. children’s newspaper etc.

Each class has its own cosy reading area too.

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